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Inspired by the fast-growing electricity industry and the promising results of son Gerardís own experiments to make reliable carbon filaments, in 1891 Frederik Philips financed the purchase of a modest factory in Eindhoven with the goal of bringing cost-effective, reliable electric incandescent light bulbs to everyone who needed them.

Moving into a new century, Philips remains fully committed to innovation.

Philips 274498 MH400/U, MH400, MH400/U, Philips#274498 MH400, MH400/U Standard Metal Halide, MH 400/U Metal Halide E39 Base Philips #274498 Philips 426023 MH400/U/ED28, MH400, MH400/U/ED28, Philips#426023 MH400/U/ED28, MH400/U/ED28 Reduced Jacket Metal Halide, MH 400/U/ED28 Metal Halide E39 Base Philips #426023 Philips 415224 MH1000/U, MH1000, MH1000/U, Philips#415224 MH1000, MH1000/U Standard Metal Halide, MH 1000/U Metal Halide E39 Base Philips #415224
Philips 274498 MH400/U
Our Price: $14.70
Philips 415224 MH1000/U
Our Price: $26.60
Philips 274498 MH400/U Philips 426023 MH400/U/ED28 Philips 415224 MH1000/U
Philips 321505 MH1000/U/BT37, MH1000/U/BT37, MH1000/U/BT37, Philips#321505 MH1000/U/BT37, MH1000/U/BT37 Reduced Jacket Metal Halide, MH1000/U/BT37 Metal Halide E39 Base Philips #321505
Philips 321505 MH1000/U/BT37