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4.75 Volt Light Bulbs, 4.75 Volt Miniature Bulbs, 4.75 LED Bulbs & More!

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PR13 Flashlight Bulb P13.5S Base - 4.75 Volt 0.50 Amp 2.375 Watt B-3-1/2 P13.5S Base, 15 Hour #KPR13 (K13) KRYPTON FLASHLIGHT BULB P13.5S BASE - 4.75 Volt 0.50 Amp 2.375 Watt B3-1/2 Krypton Single Contact Base, 10 Hour KPR12 Krypton Flashlight Bulb P13.5S Base - 12 Volt 0.7 Amp 8.4 Watt B3-1/2 Krypton P13.5S Base, 15 Hour
The National Electric Code (NEC) Article 725 defines low voltage as 0-49 volts. 4.75 Volt Light Bulbs are by definition Low Voltage Light Bulbs.