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2 Volt Light Bulbs, 2 Volt Miniature Bulbs, 2 Volt Flashlight Bulbs & More!

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#49 Miniature Bulb Ba9S Base, T3 1/4 M Bay 2V .06A .04CP, 49, #49, #49 Bulb, #49 Lamp, #49 Miniature, #49 Miniature Lamp, #49 Indicator, Eiko#40744,6240-00-155-8683,#6240-00-155-8683,#49 Automotive Bulb,#49 Automotive Lamp,#49 Mini Bulb,CEC#49 PR1 Flashlight Bulb P13.5S Base, PR Bulb 2V .95A, #PR1 Miniature Bulb, #PR1, PR1, #PR1 Flashlight Lamp, #PR1 Bulb, #PR1 Miniature, #PR1 Lamp, #PR1 Mini Bulb,#PR1 Mini Bulb, #PR1 Indicator, PR-1 Flashlight Bulb,Incandescent Flashlight Bulb,CEC #PR1 #49X MINIATURE BULB BA9S BASE, T3 1/4 M BAY 2V .06A .04CP, 49X, #49X, #49X BULB, #49X LAMP, #49 MINIATURE, #49X MINIATURE LAMP, #49X INDICATOR
#49 Miniature Bulb Ba9S Base - 2.0 Volt .06 Amp 0.12 Watt T3-1/4 Ba9S Base, 1,000 Hour PR1 Flashlight Bulb P13.5S Base - 2.0 Volt 0.95 Amp 1.9 Watt B-3-1/2 P13.5S Base, 40 Hour #49X MINIATURE BULB BA9S BASE - 2.0 Volt .06 Amp 0.12 Watt  T3-1/4 Miniature Bayonet Base Lamp, 1,000 Hour
2 Volt Light Bulbs are light bulbs that are designed to operate at an applied voltage of 2 volts.The National Electric Code (NEC) Article 725 defines low voltage as 0-49 volts. 2 Volt Light Bulbs are by definition Low Voltage Light Bulbs.